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Kimberly Kelzer-Breeden

Experienced School Board Member.

Mom. Teacher. Waconia native.

Candidate for ISD110 School Board.


Kimberly Kelzer-Breeden

BS in Teaching Mathematics.

MA in Educational Technology.

Experienced School Board Member.

Math teacher at Minnesota Online High School.


About Me

Mom. Teacher. Waconia native.  Experienced school board member. These are just parts of my identity that make me qualified to serve as a member of ISD 110 School Board. 

Being a mom has taught me that all children are unique.  I have three children with different skills and abilities, including one with severe Autism and one that participated in the District's gifted and talented program.  Our schools strive to meet each student where they are at: recognizing their strengths, challenges and personalities. They support the whole child, including academics, physical and mental well-being, social skills and more. 

In my 25 years of teaching, I have experienced the joys and challenges of teaching in-person and online. I see the commitment and energy my co-workers and teachers in other districts put into their jobs because they love what they do. I have also seen skilled teachers leave the profession due to burnout and lack of support, or talented young adults choose higher paying careers over teaching.


I know school finances are complex.  I served 5 years on a charter school board where we worked hard and balanced our budget while still supporting our students and teachers. In January, our 7 member board will have 4 new members; I am the only candidate with previous school board experience.  I received state-required training components for charter school board members: Board’s Role and Responsibilities, Financial Matters, and Employment Matters.

Much has changed in the decades since I graduated from Waconia High School, but the community's commitment to education remains. Families, including mine, continue to be drawn to the area due to our quality schools and expect their children to be prepared for an ever-changing future.

My Priorities
Skills & Languages
Education & Experience

Our Services

My Beliefs and Priorities


I would love to hear from you.

Reach out with questions or to learn more about my dreams for our district.

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