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My Priorities

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Whole Child Learning

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Waconia schools should teach students the academic, emotional and interpersonal skills to succeed in the changing world.


Strong academics is the foundation for our school. We must continue to offer learning at all levels from Special Education to Advanced Placement classes.  Academics includes more than just reading and math: an outstanding music program, exposing students to a variety of electives during middle school, hands-on classes such as Industrial Technology and quality alternatives including the Waconia Learning Center and online education.

Students are experiencing increased rates of depression, anxiety, suicide and other mental health concerns. Schools must help students learn to talk about their feelings, effectively cope with negative emotions and support each other. Licensed counselors are essential to work with students and refer for outside help when needed. Teachers are often the ones on the front lines; positive emotional health can and should be built into our curriculum.

Support for Teachers and Staff

District teachers, staff and administrators have the ability, education and desire to make the best decisions for our students.


Our nation is experiencing a teacher shortage. ISD110 is not immune to this problem. Just weeks before the school year is set to begin, Waconia schools still have unfilled positions. Our students suffer if we are unable to attract and retain quality teachers. 

Our teachers and other school employees need to know that they are supported. They should be held to high standards but need to be provided with time, training and resources to meet these expectations. Parents are also an important part of this educational team.  Students need to see our entire community working together for their future.

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Acceptance and Inclusion

Group Bonding

Learning about and with others who are different from improves learning for everyone.


In education, we often say that students need windows and mirrors. Windows allow students to see the world outside of themselves and be exposed to different cultures and ideas.  Mirrors allow students to see themselves reflected in the curriculum which fosters a sense of connection and interest.  This can be done by reading books by diverse authors and teaching history from a variety of perspectives.

Waconia is now a Unified Champion School, which demonstrates a commitment to socially include students with disabilities across all age levels. All students benefit from interacting with others of different abilities. 

Each student should walk into school knowing that people care about them as an individual and want to help them become the best version of themselves.  District 110 is for everyone.


Positive School Board Culture

All Hands In

The school board represents the community; the board should reflect their values and set a positive, transparent tone when creating policy, approving budgets, and interacting with stakeholders.


During the past year, there has been concern about comments school board members and attorneys have made about teachers, students and each other.  I believe the community’s voice has been limited by changing the timing of public comments at board meetings and lack of responses to community concerns. While a wonderful candidate was chosen for Superintendent, teachers, parents and community members had sought a more active role in the hiring process.

Community involvement in the school board process is important. Discussion of different views must be encouraged and respectful as we all work together towards a common goal.


The board must also be transparent about its decisions, especially in regards to the budget.  I had the privilege of serving 5 years on the board for Minnesota Online High School.  I received training in school finance and management.  I know that school budgets are complex, but believe we can make sound financial decisions while also putting our our students' well-being at the center.

Let’s Work Together


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